Mid Atlantic Swimming

Girls Age 11 & 12
500 Yards Freestyle

Short Course Yards (SCY)

Rankings by Career Best

We offer two types of swimmer rankings:Current Season and Career Best.

The Current Season rankings only include results from swim meets that have occurred between September 1, 2020 and August 31, 2021.The Career Best rankings are based upon career best times for each event.

This set of rankings is based upon career best times for the 500 Yards Freestyle.

Age is the swimmer's age on 6/21/2021 .

Swimmer Current Age Team Time Date Swim Meet
111Jersey Wahoos 5:12.84 4/23/21George Breen Sp
212Germantown Academy Aq 5:18.44 5/15/21GAAC MAYFLOWER
312Jersey Wahoos 5:21.99 1/29/21JW and GPAC IMX
412Western Sussex Boys a 5:22.13 4/09/21B&G Clubs Natio
612Hatboro-Horsham USA 5:29.55 3/26/21UDAC Welcome Sp
712Marauder Swim Club 5:34.64 2/20/21FSSC February C
812Phoenixville YMCA Swi 5:37.68 2/19/21York Y Winter I
912West Chester Area Y M 5:38.55 5/01/21SJAC JUNIOR CLA
1011Unattached 5:40.63 6/12/21MA Mako Summer
1112Five Star Swim Club 5:41.04 3/12/21MA KA Junior Ke
1212Plymouth Whitemarsh A 5:42.51 3/12/21MA KA Junior Ke
1311Jersey Wahoos 5:42.88 3/12/21MA KA Junior Ke
1412Unattached 5:44.30 4/23/21George Breen Sp
1512Plymouth Whitemarsh A 5:46.0711/21/20SSC Distance Me
1612Greater Philadelphia 5:46.18 4/23/21George Breen Sp
1712Phoenixville YMCA Swi 5:46.23 4/29/21YORK- NBAC SPRI
1812Wildwood Crest Dolphi 5:47.08 5/01/21SJAC JUNIOR CLA
1911Greater Philadelphia 5:47.11 4/23/21George Breen Sp
2011Hatboro-Horsham USA 5:47.98 3/26/21UDAC Welcome Sp
2111Dolphins Community Aq 5:48.21 3/31/21ISCA Elite Show
2212Germantown Academy Aq 5:48.69 5/15/21GAAC MAYFLOWER
2312Penn Charter Aquatic 5:48.85 3/26/21UDAC Welcome Sp
2412West Chester Area Y M 5:49.39 5/01/21SJAC JUNIOR CLA
2512Western Sussex Boys a 5:50.13 4/09/21B&G Clubs Natio
2612South Jersey Aquatic 5:50.29 5/01/21SJAC JUNIOR CLA
2711Greater Philadelphia 5:51.19 4/23/21George Breen Sp
2811Greater Philadelphia 5:52.84 1/29/21JW and GPAC IMX
2912Mako Swim Club 5:55.72 6/12/21MA Mako Summer
3011Parkland Aquatic Club 5:56.0412/04/20KA Christmas Me
3112Phoenixville YMCA Swi 5:56.72 4/29/21YORK- NBAC SPRI
3212LANCASTER AQUATIC CLU 5:57.16 1/29/21MA KA Winter In
3311Northeast Swimming Cl 5:57.26 1/29/21MA KA Winter In
3411Germantown Academy Aq 5:59.56 3/13/21GAAC March Intr
3512Nrg Swimming 5:59.88 4/30/21UDAC May Closed
3611Eht Seahawks 6:01.9211/14/20SJAC Challenge
3712Keystone Aquatics 6:02.38 3/12/21MA KA Junior Ke
3812Germantown Academy Aq 6:03.26 5/15/21GAAC MAYFLOWER
3912South Jersey Aquatic 6:03.4511/14/20SJAC Challenge
4012West Chester Area Y M 6:03.51 5/01/21SJAC JUNIOR CLA
4112Upper Dublin Aquatic 6:03.81 4/30/21UDAC May Closed
4212Suburban Seahawks Clu 6:05.21 5/08/21SSC Blue and Go
4311Plymouth Whitemarsh A 6:05.2811/21/20SSC Distance Me
4412South Jersey Aquatic 6:05.32 4/17/21SJAC COBALT CLA
4512Germantown Academy Aq 6:06.01 3/13/21GAAC March Intr
4611YORK YMCA SWIMMING 6:07.53 2/19/21York Y Winter I
4712Upper Dublin Aquatic 6:08.41 4/30/21UDAC May Closed
4811Jersey Wahoos 6:10.6111/13/20MA JW GPAC Than
4912LANCASTER AQUATIC CLU 6:10.70 1/29/21MA KA Winter In
5012Wilmington Aquatic Cl 6:11.24 1/24/21Pirate Plunge A
5112Wilmington Aquatic Cl 6:12.1411/20/20KA Thanksgiving
5212DELAWARE SWIM TEAM 6:12.40 2/15/20MA DST Double L
5312Greater Philadelphia 6:12.62 1/29/21JW and GPAC IMX
5412Suburban Seahawks Clu 6:12.93 5/08/21SSC Blue and Go
5512Greater Philadelphia 6:13.01 1/29/21JW and GPAC IMX
5612Hatboro-Horsham USA 6:13.35 3/26/21UDAC Welcome Sp
5712Eht Seahawks 6:14.23 4/23/21George Breen Sp
6012Suburban Seahawks Clu 6:14.5211/21/20SSC Distance Me
6112Upper Dublin Aquatic 6:14.71 3/26/21UDAC Welcome Sp
6211Germantown Academy Aq 6:14.77 5/15/21GAAC MAYFLOWER
6311Upper Dublin Aquatic 6:14.94 4/30/21UDAC May Closed
6412Yde | Western Wahoos 6:14.97 3/20/21MA AP YMCA of D
6612Northeast Swimming Cl 6:15.27 5/08/21SSC Blue and Go
6712Parkland Swimming Clu 6:16.21 2/27/20MA SC Junior Ol
6812Parkland Swimming Clu 6:16.40 3/20/21EMAC vs PSC Mar
6912Suburban Seahawks Clu 6:17.4111/21/20SSC Distance Me
7011Nittany Lion Aquatic 6:17.4311/20/20KA Thanksgiving
7112Gpac Blue 6:18.17 4/30/21BLUE Distance I
7211Greater Philadelphia 6:18.41 1/29/21JW and GPAC IMX
7312Boys & Girls Club of 6:18.82 4/09/21B&G Clubs Natio
7412Greater Philadelphia 6:18.87 4/23/21George Breen Sp
7511Plymouth Whitemarsh A 6:19.9911/21/20SSC Distance Me
7612Ridley Area YMCA 6:20.07 4/16/21MA AP RAYS Dist
7711Wildwood Crest Dolphi 6:20.15 2/27/20MA SC Junior Ol
7812Germantown Academy Aq 6:20.34 5/15/21GAAC MAYFLOWER
7912Central Bucks Swim Te 6:20.3411/15/19MA EMAC Fall A/
8012Yde | Western Wahoos 6:20.63 1/24/21Pirate Plunge A
8112Wilmington Aquatic Cl 6:20.7611/20/20KA Thanksgiving
8211DELAWARE SWIM TEAM 6:20.95 1/24/21Pirate Plunge A
8312Central Bucks Swim Te 6:21.48 1/17/20MA GAAC Arctic
8412Central Bucks Swim Te 6:21.64 2/08/20MA CBST Spring
8511Hatboro-Horsham USA 6:22.22 3/26/21UDAC Welcome Sp
8611South Jersey Aquatic 6:22.71 3/31/21ISCA Elite Show
8712YMCA OF READING & BER 6:23.29 3/12/21MA YY AP YMCA R
8812Central Bucks Swim Te 6:23.74 1/17/20MA GAAC Arctic
8912YORK YMCA SWIMMING 6:23.91 1/23/21John deBarbadil
9012Lower Merion Aquatic 6:24.0311/21/20SSC Distance Me
9111Lancaster Family YMCA 6:25.05 2/13/21MA AP YSCAP Swi
9212Jersey Wahoos 6:25.32 4/23/21George Breen Sp
9312Hershey Aquatic Club 6:25.4810/25/19MA UDAC Rocktob
9511Dolphins Community Aq 6:25.79 4/30/21UDAC May Closed
9612George School Aquatic 6:26.2111/09/19MA SJAC IMX Cha
9711Lower Merion Aquatic 6:26.31 2/27/20MA SC Junior Ol
9812Malvern Swimming Asso 6:26.48 2/01/20MA SSC Distance
9911YORK YMCA SWIMMING 6:27.17 1/23/21John deBarbadil
10012Wilmington Aquatic Cl 6:28.5311/20/20KA Thanksgiving
10112Eht Seahawks 6:29.0311/14/20SJAC Challenge
10212Mako Swim Club 6:29.41 6/12/21MA Mako Summer
10312Parkland Swimming Clu 6:29.51 3/20/21EMAC vs PSC Mar
10411Mako Swim Club 6:29.89 6/12/21MA Mako Summer
10511Phoenixville YMCA Swi 6:30.21 4/29/21YORK- NBAC SPRI
10611East Coast C-Cerpants 6:30.8512/13/19LAC Holiday Cup
10712UPPER MAIN LINE YMCA 6:31.13 2/20/21MA AP UMLY 500
10812LANCASTER AQUATIC CLU 6:31.13 1/29/21MA KA Winter In
10911Wilmington Aquatic Cl 6:31.99 2/15/20MA SJAC Last Ch
11012Plymouth Whitemarsh A 6:32.41 2/27/20MA SC Junior Ol
11112Suburban Seahawks Clu 6:32.49 5/08/21SSC Blue and Go
11211George School Aquatic 6:33.11 1/04/20FCA Distance Me
11311YMCA of Delaware 6:33.38 3/20/21MA AP YMCA of D
11412Emmaus Aquatic Club 6:33.47 3/20/21EMAC vs PSC Mar
11512Yde | Western Wahoos 6:33.74 1/24/21Pirate Plunge A
11612Lower Merion Aquatic 6:34.08 2/27/20MA SC Junior Ol
11711Keystone Aquatics 6:34.1111/20/20KA Thanksgiving
11812Hershey Aquatic Club 6:35.0512/06/19MA NLAC Winter
11912Friends Central Aquat 6:35.50 3/19/21FCA Early Sprin
12011Nrg Swimming 6:36.23 2/23/20MA NPAC Februar
12112Pennsylvania Aquatics 6:36.72 6/12/21MA Mako Summer
12212Greater Philadelphia 6:37.00 1/29/21JW and GPAC IMX
12312Keystone Aquatics 6:38.14 1/29/21MA KA Winter In
12412Five Star Swim Club 6:38.21 2/14/20WSY Presidents
12511Jersey Wahoos 6:38.78 1/29/21JW and GPAC IMX
12612Suburban Seahawks Clu 6:38.8911/21/20SSC Distance Me
12712George School Aquatic 6:39.83 2/27/20MA SC Junior Ol
12812YORK YMCA SWIMMING 6:40.24 1/23/21John deBarbadil
12912Suburban Seahawks Clu 6:40.78 2/01/20MA SSC Distance
13011Lower Merion Aquatic 6:41.0011/21/20SSC Distance Me
13111WSY SWIMMING 6:41.35 2/13/21MA AP RAYS YSCA
13211YMCA of Delaware 6:41.61 3/20/21MA AP YMCA of D
13311YORK YMCA SWIMMING 6:42.23 1/23/21John deBarbadil
13412Parkland Aquatic Club 6:42.43 2/07/20MA BLUE Duck Hu
13512Unattached 6:42.50 4/23/21George Breen Sp
13612Five Star Swim Club 6:43.25 2/20/21FSSC February C
13711South Jersey Aquatic 6:43.77 2/27/20MA SC Junior Ol
13811Boys & Girls Club of 6:44.48 5/22/21MA AP Summer Se
13911Boys & Girls Club of 6:44.54 4/09/21B&G Clubs Natio
14111Jersey Wahoos 6:45.5111/13/20MA JW GPAC Than
14212South Jersey Aquatic 6:45.6112/05/19MA SJAC Gator C
14312DELAWARE SWIM TEAM 6:45.76 1/18/20MA DST Pirate P
14412CENTRAL YORK AQUATICS 6:46.1511/14/20MA WSY Thanksgi
14512CENTRAL YORK AQUATICS 6:46.9111/14/20MA WSY Thanksgi
14612COATESVILLE AREA AQUA 6:47.03 2/07/20MA GRA February
14711Suburban Seahawks Clu 6:47.4011/21/20SSC Distance Me
14912Wilmington Aquatic Cl 6:48.11 3/22/19MA GPAC Middle
15012North Penn Aquatic Cl 6:48.32 3/26/21UDAC Welcome Sp
15112Jersey Wahoos 6:48.86 1/29/21JW and GPAC IMX
15212South Jersey Aquatic 6:49.1211/09/19MA SJAC IMX Cha
15311Yde | Western Wahoos 6:49.41 3/20/21MA AP YMCA of D
15411Yde | Western Wahoos 6:50.42 3/20/21MA AP YMCA of D
15512Upper Dublin Aquatic 6:50.57 3/26/21UDAC Welcome Sp
15611Upper Dublin Aquatic 6:50.95 3/26/21UDAC Welcome Sp
15712Jennersville YMCA 6:52.0911/02/19MA AP KAY Drago
15812Phoenixville YMCA Swi 6:52.35 4/29/21YORK- NBAC SPRI
15912Upper Dublin Aquatic 6:52.37 3/26/21UDAC Welcome Sp
16011Germantown Academy Aq 6:52.45 3/13/21GAAC March Intr
16111DELAWARE SWIM TEAM 6:52.80 6/12/21MA Mako Summer
16212Hershey Aquatic Club 6:52.8911/20/20KA Thanksgiving
16312CENTRAL YORK AQUATICS 6:53.2611/14/20MA WSY Thanksgi
16412Gpac Blue 6:53.6710/24/20MA BLUE NT Bust
16512Jersey Wahoos 6:53.86 1/29/21JW and GPAC IMX
16712Golden Ram Aquatics 6:54.0611/29/19MA GRA December
16811Jersey Wahoos 6:54.24 4/23/21George Breen Sp
16912Keystone Aquatics 6:55.03 1/15/21KA New Year's I
17011YORK YMCA SWIMMING 6:56.45 1/23/21John deBarbadil
17111UPPER MAIN LINE YMCA 6:56.49 2/20/21MA AP UMLY 500
17212Gpac Blue 6:58.07 4/30/21BLUE Distance I
17312Pocono Family YMCA 6:58.2311/01/19MA PACC Fall Ha
17411Gpac Blue 7:01.52 4/30/21BLUE Distance I
17512Emmaus Aquatic Club 7:01.57 3/20/21EMAC vs PSC Mar
17612Lionville Community Y 7:01.93 2/07/20MA GRA February
17712Friends Central Aquat 7:02.09 1/04/20FCA Distance Me
17812Tops Swimming 7:02.34 2/23/20MA NPAC Februar
17912Pennsylvania Aquatics 7:02.38 6/12/21MA Mako Summer
18012Unattached 7:02.5211/22/19MA KA Fall A-BB
18112Tide Water Aquatics C 7:03.9011/21/20MA TWAC GOBBLER
18212MLY Phoenix 7:06.06 3/19/21NJ AP OCY Winte
18311Yde | Western Wahoos 7:06.2610/25/19MA AP RAYS Autu
18411LANCASTER AQUATIC CLU 7:06.38 1/29/21MA KA Winter In
18511LANCASTER AQUATIC CLU 7:06.42 1/29/21MA KA Winter In
18612Unattached 7:07.2911/14/20SJAC Challenge
18712Princeton Tiger Aquat 7:07.78 3/06/20EEX SPRING CLUB
18812Boys & Girls Club of 7:07.87 2/15/20MA DST Double L
18911Jersey Wahoos 7:08.14 2/27/21MA JW Feb 2021
19012South Jersey Aquatic 7:08.34 1/04/20MA SJAC Distanc
19112Jersey Wahoos 7:08.35 1/29/21JW and GPAC IMX
19211Parkland Aquatic Club 7:08.57 1/17/20MA Swimming Mid
19311Jersey Wahoos 7:08.75 1/29/21JW and GPAC IMX
19411LANCASTER AQUATIC CLU 7:09.0511/08/19WSY Thanksgivin
19512MLY Phoenix 7:09.6112/07/19MA STRM Winter
19611Germantown Academy Aq 7:10.1711/20/20MA GAAC Novembe
19712Northeast Swimming Cl 7:10.4911/01/19MA GAAC Novembe
19811North Penn Aquatic Cl 7:10.81 3/26/21UDAC Welcome Sp
19912Hanover YMCA Stingray 7:10.95 2/15/19WSY Presidents
20012Parkland Swimming Clu 7:11.0511/15/19MA EMAC Fall A/
20111South Jersey Aquatic 7:11.27 1/04/20MA SJAC Distanc
20211CENTRAL YORK AQUATICS 7:11.2811/14/20MA WSY Thanksgi
20312Rad 7:12.23 1/05/19MA FCA Distance
20411Parkland Aquatic Club 7:12.46 1/17/20MA Swimming Mid
20512Jersey Wahoos 7:13.45 1/29/21JW and GPAC IMX
20611Greater Philadelphia 7:14.34 4/23/21George Breen Sp
20712Acac Dolphins 7:14.36 2/07/20MA GRA February
20812Germantown Academy Aq 7:14.37 3/13/21GAAC March Intr
20912UPPER MAIN LINE YMCA 7:14.53 2/20/21MA AP UMLY 500
21011Friends Central Aquat 7:14.59 1/04/20FCA Distance Me
21112Dolphins Community Aq 7:14.85 1/19/18MA GAAC Arctic
21212Suburban Seahawks Clu 7:15.6811/21/20SSC Distance Me
21311CUMBERLAND VALLEY AQU 7:17.84 1/29/21MA KA Winter In
21411Hanover YMCA Stingray 7:18.2811/08/19WSY Thanksgivin
21511Friends Central Aquat 7:20.03 1/05/19MA FCA Distance
21612North Penn Aquatic Cl 7:20.10 2/23/20MA NPAC Februar
21712Gpac Blue 7:20.67 4/30/21BLUE Distance I
21812YMCA of Delaware 7:21.23 3/20/21MA AP YMCA of D
21912Mt. Lebanon Aqua Club 7:21.45 2/21/20AM SC BPR Silve
22011Mako Swim Club 7:22.58 6/12/21MA Mako Summer
22112CENTRAL YORK AQUATICS 7:22.95 2/14/20WSY Presidents
22212Tops Swimming 7:23.95 2/22/20MA UDAC Closed
22311CUMBERLAND VALLEY AQU 7:24.53 1/29/21MA KA Winter In
22412Friends Central Aquat 7:24.81 1/04/20FCA Distance Me
22512Upper Dublin Aquatic 7:24.9110/25/19MA UDAC Rocktob
22611Unattached 7:25.11 1/04/20PAAC DISTANCE M
22711Greater Philadelphia 7:25.19 1/29/21JW and GPAC IMX
22812Ridley Area YMCA 7:25.70 2/13/20MA AP RAYS Fros
22912Hershey Aquatic Club 7:26.40 1/29/21MA KA Winter In
23011Emmaus Aquatic Club 7:27.35 3/20/21EMAC vs PSC Mar
23112Jersey Wahoos 7:28.29 4/23/21George Breen Sp
23212Tops Swimming 7:28.7111/29/19MA GRA December
23311South Jersey Aquatic 7:28.7511/14/20SJAC Challenge
23411Hershey Aquatic Club 7:29.24 1/17/20MA Swimming Mid
23511Pennsylvania Aquatics 7:30.48 4/30/21UDAC May Closed
23612Jersey Wahoos 7:31.9112/07/19MA STRM Winter
23712Northeast Swimming Cl 7:32.8811/09/19MA SJAC IMX Cha
23811Wilmington Aquatic Cl 7:33.4111/20/20KA Thanksgiving
23911Upper Dublin Aquatic 7:35.1210/25/19MA UDAC Rocktob
24011DELAWARE SWIM TEAM 7:35.13 1/18/20MA DST Pirate P
24112Five Star Swim Club 7:35.60 1/24/20MA CYA Winter A
24212Rad 7:35.68 9/27/19Radnor Fall Fes
24311Gpac Blue 7:36.30 3/27/21BLUE Duck Derby
24411MLY Phoenix 7:36.9112/07/19MA STRM Winter
24511Lancaster Family YMCA 7:37.3910/27/19MA AP WSY YMCA
24611Yde | Western Wahoos 7:37.4210/25/19MA AP RAYS Autu
24712Upper Dublin Aquatic 7:37.43 2/23/19MA UDAC Closed
24812YMCA of Delaware 7:37.4710/25/19MA AP RAYS Autu
24912Friends Central Aquat 7:39.90 1/04/20FCA Distance Me
25011Upper Dublin Aquatic 7:40.2012/13/19Piranha Ugly Sw
25112Parkland Aquatic Club 7:41.09 1/17/20MA Swimming Mid
25211YMCA of Delaware 7:41.44 3/20/21MA AP YMCA of D
25311Upper Dublin Aquatic 7:41.68 3/26/21UDAC Welcome Sp
25411Friends Central Aquat 7:42.13 1/04/20FCA Distance Me
25512CENTRAL YORK AQUATICS 7:42.3511/01/19MA CYA Fall A-B
25712Central Bucks Swim Te 7:43.7311/29/19MA GRA December
25812Five Star Swim Club 7:46.89 2/14/20WSY Presidents
25912Friends Central Aquat 7:48.83 1/04/20FCA Distance Me
26011South Jersey Aquatic 7:50.6412/05/19MA SJAC Gator C
26112CENTRAL YORK AQUATICS 7:51.5211/01/19MA CYA Fall A-B
26212Gpac Blue 7:52.27 4/30/21BLUE Distance I
26311Hershey Aquatic Club 7:52.8712/06/19MA NLAC Winter
26411Fox Swim Club 7:54.34 1/11/20FOX Distance Me
26511Hershey Aquatic Club 7:54.6012/06/19MA NLAC Winter
26612Five Star Swim Club 7:55.25 1/24/20MA CYA Winter A
26711Friends Central Aquat 7:57.25 1/04/20FCA Distance Me
26811Friends Central Aquat 8:02.05 1/04/20FCA Distance Me
26912DELAWARE SWIM TEAM 8:02.5110/20/18MA DST Banana B
27012DELAWARE SWIM TEAM 8:02.51 1/18/20MA DST Pirate P
27112Emmaus Aquatic Club 8:06.3210/18/19MA BLUE Eagle N
27211LANCASTER AQUATIC CLU 8:06.69 1/29/21MA KA Winter In
27311Friends Central Aquat 8:07.89 1/04/20FCA Distance Me
27412UPPER MAIN LINE YMCA 8:10.2312/05/19MA SJAC Gator C
27512Greater Philadelphia 8:12.37 1/29/21JW and GPAC IMX
27611Upper Dublin Aquatic 8:18.9010/25/19MA UDAC Rocktob
27712Blue Dolphin Aquatics 8:20.2111/15/19MA EMAC Fall A/
27812Cheltenham Aquatic Cl 8:20.78 1/19/18MA GAAC Arctic
27911Parkland Aquatic Club 8:31.49 1/04/20PAAC DISTANCE M
28012Suburban Seahawks Clu 8:32.53 2/01/20MA SSC Distance
28111Friends Central Aquat 8:32.55 1/04/20FCA Distance Me
28211Emmaus Aquatic Club 8:32.76 3/20/21EMAC vs PSC Mar
28312George School Aquatic 8:39.43 1/04/20FCA Distance Me
28412Suburban Seahawks Clu 8:49.69 2/01/20MA SSC Distance
28512Tops Swimming 8:54.59 2/22/20MA UDAC Closed
28612Friends Central Aquat 9:01.97 1/04/20FCA Distance Me
28711Jersey Storm Swimming 9:26.55 1/04/20MA SJAC Distanc
28811Friends Central Aquat 9:57.99 1/04/20FCA Distance Me

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